What is “Circle of Truth”?

You are on the portal of the innovative social governing system “Circle of Truth”. It is based on the procedure of “live voting” when residents of a particular locality (city, town, region etc.) can gather in the informal organization “Headquarters of Local Government(HQ) and begin the procedure for nominating representatives – residents of this city or region – to the council of this informal HQ. Further, as more and more new members join the Headquarters, it will become an influential organization in its city or town, and the representatives with the largest number of votes will become influential representatives of civil society on the ground. The HQ Council will be able to make decisions on behalf of hundreds and thousands of its members, due to the ease of the live voting procedure. With the numerous participation of residents in the work of HQ, it will become impossible for local authorities to ignore their decisions and residents will have a real opportunity to influence decision-making by local authorities, control officials and demand compliance with the rule of law and human rights. Live voting also provides for not only the transfer of voice, but also the revocation of your vote at any time, as well as direct participation in the work of the HQ without transferring the vote to any representative.

A significant role in the idea of HQs is played by the “Declaration of the peoples of the world for the gradual transition to the sensible and fair world order”. By registering on the portal, becoming a participant in the work of the HQs, you thereby accept the text of the Declaration and, as it were, put your signature under it. The text of the Declaration is exceptionally well elaborated and does not contain any private ideas or opinions, but serves exclusively the process of progression a sensible and fair social system of governance that the world needs. Due to this simplicity and capacity, the number of signatories to the Declaration will grow all the time, and in the case of competent promotion of the meanings inherent in it, it can soon reach significant numbers. In this case, this document will become the most important in the social life of our civilization and it will be impossible to ignore it.

The ultimate goal of all the ambitious work, conceived as the implementation of the provisions of the Declaration, should be their approval in the norms of international law and practical implementation in the mechanisms for the formation of representative power (election of deputies, presidents, heads of regions, municipalities, judges, etc.) around the world.

Despite the seeming impossibility to realize this task, it should be understood that we, human civilization, have no other choice but to move from the senseless and unfair governance system in which we exist to a sensible and fair system that will give a chance for harmonious progressive development for the entire planet without artificial crises, the danger of self-destruction and stagnation in development due to the stupidity and greed of the ruling elites interested in preserving the old, thoroughly rusted and hopelessly morally and physically outdated mechanisms of decision-making and governance as a science.

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